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Difficult problems hoist

An abnormal noise occurs hoist operation

Many failures electric hoist , such as controlling electrical fault occurs , the motor or reducer , often accompanied by abnormal noise , and the noise level of the location of these and other sounds with different reasons for failure are different , overhaul , to hear and see more , You can use the sound characteristics according to the fault or determine beep position , find and repair the fault .

1 abnormal noise occurs in the control loop , issued a " hum " noise is generally faulty contactor ( AC contactor contacts as bad , does not match the voltage level , the core was stuck , etc. ) , to deal with the fault contactor for maintenance , repair and must be replaced when unable , after treatment , to eliminate the noise itself .

2 Motor unusual noise , immediately stop , check motor single phase operation , or bearing damage , coupling axis errors and "sweep bore " faults , which will make the motor abnormal sound, noise and different fault location the level and tone a difference , when the single-phase operation, the entire motor to issue regular suddenly strong suddenly weak "buzzing" sound ; while bearing damage, in the vicinity of the bearing , issued along with the " thump - thump " and " buzzing" sound ; and when the coupling axis error, or motor slight sweep chamber , the entire motor makes high "buzzing" sound , occasionally accompanied by a shrill voice. In short , according to the different noise , find fault , itemized repair and restore normal performance of the motor when the motor malfunction untreated , prohibit the use of gourds .

3 abnormal noise emitted from the reducer , reducer failure ( such as lack of gearbox or bearing lubricants, gear wear or damage , bearing damage , etc. ) , then should stop to check , first determine the speed reducer gearbox or bearing whether to raise the oil before use , whether to use a regular oil change , as no lubrication required , reducer will not only generate excessive "buzzing" sound , but also excessive wear or damage to the gears and bearings.

Second, stop the decline braking distance exceeds requirements

When long-term application of electric hoist brake ring wear is too large, the brake spring pressure decreases, the braking force is reduced. The workaround is to adjust the brake bolt or replace the brake ring .

Third, the weight rose to the air , you can not re-start after stopping

First, check the system voltage is too low or too large fluctuations , in the case of this situation , the only other voltage returns to normal after the start ; hand, we should pay attention to the three-phase motor operation phase , unable to start after the shutdown , then you need to check power phase .

Fourth, can not stop or to limit position remains Parking

Such cases are generally contactor contact welding , press the stop switch when the contactor contacts can not be disconnected , as usual was electric motor operation , hoist does not stop ; into extreme positions such as limit malfunction , do not hoist Parking . This occurs , immediately cut off the power to make gourd forced to stop. After parking , maintenance contactor or stopper , serious damage can not be repaired and must be replaced.

Fifth, the motor temperature is too high

First, you should check whether the overloaded hoist use , overloading causes the motor to heat, long overloaded motor will burn ; motor is not overloaded , still hot , you should check whether the motor bearing damage ; should also check whether the required duty motor work , which is caused by the motor heat one reason , the work should be used in strict accordance motor operating system . When the motor is running , the brake gap is too small , not fully disengaged , have a great friction, friction and heat , while also representing an increase of additional load , the motor speed is reduced, the current becomes large and the heat , you should stop working, re- adjust the brake clearance.

Sixth, press start switch electric hoist does not work

Mainly due to the hoist rated working voltage is not switched on , but does not work , there are generally three kinds of situations:

( 1 ) the voltage is too low. Hoist motor terminal voltage is lower than the rated voltage 10% above the motor starting torque is too small , so do not move goods lifting hoists , and can not work , check with a voltmeter or multimeter measurements such as motor input terminal voltage.

( 2 ) is not energized . Whether the power supply system for electric hoist power transmission , usually with test pencil test , if not power transmission , power transmission and other after work .

( 3 ) phase . Main hoist , electrical damage to the control circuit , when the line is disconnected or bad, it will hoist motor phase does not work, this is the case , the need to overhaul the main , control circuits , maintenance , in order to prevent the main , the control circuit to the Three-phase motor power phase while burning motor , or hoist motor suddenly energized operation , harm , be sure to hoist the motor disconnected from the power line , only to master , control circuit power transmission , then jog start and stop switch check analyze and control the work of the line appliances , electrical problems , or to repair or replace the line , when it is confirmed the main , control circuit trouble , before re- commissioning

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